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How to create a lean muscular physique with nutrition

On training days, or when energy requirements are in high demand you would consume mainly carbohydrates and protein. It is always good practice to accompany protein with carbohydrates, for example, cottage cheese, quark) this will help to support muscle mass and reduce peaks in blood sugar levels, which can also effect mood and hunger. By having carbohydrates at the ready it will give you energy to complete your workout.

Grey Fitness Tip: It is beneficial to sip a water and whey protein drink whilst training, this will ensure a sufficient supply of protein if your body’s energy levels run low and it decides to use its stored protein for energy (e.g. muscle mass) another consideration must be to refuel with a high carbohydrate meal or drink within two hours after training. Also take your carbs with a piece of natural sugar, e.g. fruit, to encourage your body cells to absorb the carbohydrates and protein.

On rest days when your energy requirements are in low demand it is beneficial to keep your carbohydrate intake low. On rest days you would typically consume good natural fats and proteins. The importance of good fats have been overlooked for many years, however they are essential for many hormone functions and cell development in the body. The good fats and proteins on your rest days will aid in your recovery after your previous days training.

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