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At the beginning of the year I was becoming very self conscious about my weight. It was a new year so I went shopping in the sales but couldn't find anything that I liked or looked right wearing. I was unhappy when I saw myself in photos.


With my wedding coming up towards the end of the year I decided to make a change and try to lose weight. I contacted Ianm who sat down with me and we talked about my goals and what I wanted to achieve with him as my personal trainer. He put together a meal plan and helped me relax and gain confidence and work through various techniques. Within 4 months I had gone down 2 dress sizes.


At present I have gone down 4 dress sizes and I am happy to be more adventurous in what I wear. Not only have I lost weight, I am more confident with what I look like and have been feeling so much better about myself overall. I still continue losing more weight and to be healthier in general.

Michelle Lubbock

Buckhurst Hill 

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